What is Vacuum Therapy (Non- Invasive Body Contouring)?​

Vacuum-therapy stimulates muscles, break down cellulite and fatty deposits, eliminating toxins, improves lymphatic drainage and reduces unfavored inches on treated area. Vacuum therapy also helps restore the skin's natural elasticity to smooth the appearance "orange-peel" dimpling in the thighs and buttocks. This therapy is pain-free, safe and highly effective. Vacuum-therapy, through the combination of its different action mechanisms, stimulates blood flow, lymphatic drainage,increases the production of collagen and elastic which directly improves the texture and tone of the treated area. Treatment can be done up to three times a week. Raises, Enlarges And Reaffirms The Buttocks Without Surgery or Injections Lifts your buttocks Enhanced body tone and shape Tightens & Tones Skin Reducing unsightly cellulite Decreases Muscle Tension No pain, No downtime!

What Kind of Results Can I Expect?

Many patients are satisfied after about 9 consecutive treatments. However, during your consultation, we can discuss a treatment plan that will meet your specific treatment needs. We recommend two maintenance treatments per month after the completion of your original treatment.

Is There Any Down Time?

The Brazilian Butt Lift procedure is completely non-surgical, so you can return to normal activities immediately. Some patients experience redness, minor bruising, tingling, numbness or discomfort in the treated area, but this I temporary and will should resolve after treatment.

Are the Results Permanent?

Like any other cosmetic treatment, results cannot be guaranteed. However, after receiving at minimum 12-15 sessions, results can be considered permanent when used alongside proper diet and exercise. Our procedure has no downtime, is a fraction of the cost of a surgical procedure and is proven to be safe and effective.

How Many Areas Can I Treat in One Day?

You can safely treat two areas per session.

Is There a Cancellation Policy?

Yes, all appointment cancellations and modifications can be made online and should be made 24 hours in advance to avoid any charges.


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